Saturday, March 30, 2013


Being a Landscape designer, I'm obsessed with plants... Really, it's becoming a problem for both Steve and I ...So its very hard for both of us to see ANY tree cut down. Of course, The house was covered in a jungle of undesirables - English Ivy, diseased half dead Elm, Pepper and Magnolia trees, hazardous leaning Pines...massive Yucca planted on the foundation and gas line...a hedge of Jade...We knew a big overhaul was in store in order uncover the house, improve the health of the GOOD trees and for overall security reasons. Fortunately, nothing was over 25 years old and we were left with some beautiful trees that will do much better now that they have space AND for every plant that was removed, we will most likely plant 3 appropriate ones in its place. 

Photo courtesy of James Gosnell

Photo courtesy of James Gosnell

Photo courtesy of James Gosnell

lovin' our Glorious Redwoods

  "There was a house behind all that!" - we've been hearing that weekly from people walking by.

We've LOVED our haunted PepperCorn trees, but they all seem to have the same disease and their branches continue to rot. We're holding out for them, but according to our tree guy its not looking good. Sad face

We had the Canary Palm adopted out... part of me wishes we had kept it, but it was in a spot that didn't compliment the house and was gonna grow into other trees in the future... Glad she's off to a good home.

We're still in progress.

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