Monday, April 8, 2013

Staircase Inspiration

Our Brown Staircase
Our floor guys started work on the first floor last week!!! We're so excited to see the progress...We've decided on Ebony dark stain for two reason - we both love dark floors and the darker stain will hide more of the 125 years of imperfections. So now that the floors are underway, we're getting to the point where we need to make some decisions for the staircase... There are several directions we're leaning towards as far as paint/stain color. 

Our staircase when we bought the house 

There's something about black paint on a stairs that feels sophisticated and masculine without being ordinary and predictable. I don't know if we'd pain EVERYTHING black, (as great as it looks) but maybe black with dark stained banisters might do - We have that light post on the bottom banister to work into the color scheme somehow.
The black seems to really enhance all that detail.
Love me some

Classic, timeless, clean and bright. There's going to be a lot of white in our home - We plan on having the Kitchen, Dinning Room, 'French Parlor' and at least two or three of the bathrooms painted white.

Knowing us, we'll most likely go with the white and wood combination...But I want a black staircase so bad!!! maybe I'll get my way with the maids staircase. (wink wink)